The papers that I proposed to write during this sabbatical are presented on dedicated pages.

  1. Draft Copyright Policy for the Academy
  2. Policies and Procedures for Implementation
  3. Proposal for Campus-wide Education on Copyright
  4. Copyright in the OWHL: Policies and Procedures

To-Do List

As I think about copyright during my sabbatical, I’ll keep a running “To Do List” of tasks.

1. Analyze 20 – 30 course reading lists to see what the faculty are assigning, what rights we have for those works, and what rights we need.

2. What kinds of tools or educational programs will we need to create to help faculty identify and link to materials already licensed by the OWHL, and identify and link to works on the open Web;

3. Create a working group consisting of (at least) representatives from the library, Technology, the Business office, and the Dean of Studies office.  The group should decide:

  • whether to analyze fair use before or after assessing license options
  • whether to use an algorithm or people to determine which uses are fair
  • whether to obtain the CCC annual subscription license
  • where to locate a transactional permission clearance operation or operations, to make it most efficient.

5.  Identify persons or offices that can take responsibility for developing and delivering training modules.

6. Identify a source of funds to pay permissions.


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