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Day 47: 02/16/2011

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This is a spin bike. It is the closest that New Englanders get to actual bike riding at this time of year. Remarkably, hour-long spin classes are pretty effective in keeping those bike muscles tuned up and ready for the real road. During the “off season” I usually take spin classes at six in the morning, three times a week. But this winter I have deviated significantly from that schedule. Between a broken butt and a pneumonia-like cold, not to mention the extraordinary hassle of cleaning a car of several inches of new snow in the pitch dark, I have not been a faithful spinner during January. But the summer, and bike season, is inching closer all the time, and I have to be ready. This morning, I was BACK.


Hula Hoop Horrors

Day 47: 02/15/2011

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I just received a new hula hoop in the mail. I used to love to hula-hoop as a child, but this is not THAT kind of hula hoop. This is a sophisticated, grown up hula hoop. I tried it at our faculty/staff exercise program (aka “boot camp”) and loved it. It is hard, and you can’t do it for very long. No problem there–I can’t do it at all. It came in pieces. The directions were not written by an English speaker. Example: Step 2. Stem of each piece, press firmly until touch the bottom. Followed by, Step 3: Twist each section to follow the radian direction until block. Oh well, it makes a nice centerpiece.

A Dino for Ori

Day 45: 02/14/2011

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My grandson Orin is a dinosaur afficionado. Because I know that, I find myself looking for dinosaurs everywhere. This particularly nice specimen is in the Atlanta airport. So despite its being Valentine’s Day, when the world is flooded with eminently photographable hearts of all varieties, My picture-of-the-day for Valentine’s Day is a dinosaur. I love you, Ori.

Chapel at UYC

Day 44: 02/13/2011

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In a ceremony last fall, my brothers and I buried my Dad’s ashes in a place that had been very important to him during the last couple of decades of his life–the Chapel of the University Yacht Club. For many years he served as Chapel chairman, and we knew that it was near his time to go when he finally turned the job over to a couple of young club members. A visit to Georgia would not be complete without a visit to Pop. RIP.

Lake Lanier

Day 43: 02/13/2011

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There is hardly a more welcome sight for snow-weary eyes than a clear expanse of blue water. The weather in Georgia was unbelievably mild for mid-February, and Lake Lanier Islands, where we spent the weekend, is beautiful year round. I spent time scouting the venue for a big family celebration during the summer of 2011–my mother’s 90th birthday. With golf, horse-back riding, tennis, a beach, boat rentals and a water park, I think that Lake Lanier Islands will be a perfect place for a multi-generational gathering.


Day 42: 02/11/2011

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A while back Dean developed some scary symptoms that caused his doctor to recommend that he cut our caffeine. He conceded that he would limit his consumption to one cup a day. I bought him a Keurig coffee maker so that it would be easy to make a single cup. Wouldn’t you think if he was going to go so far off the reservation he’d be stealthy enough to hide the evidence?



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This is a pictures of a saddle shoe-wearing sheep eating soup while sitting on a stool next to a stack of suitcases and some sunflowers. A lot of s-words? Well, that’s the point. This picture is the “S” block in an Animal Alphabet that I am making for my granddaughter Alden’s third birthday. The blocks are machine-embroidered with lots of love and patience. Lest this spark some sibling rivalry, I should point out that I am also working on an Ornithological Alphabet for my grandson, Orin.