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Masifunde Sonke: Let Us Read Together

The OWHL is proud to announce our participation in a literacy initiative of South Africa Partners. We have purchased and are displaying a collection of 25 children’s books written and illustrated by South Africans, which “exhibit literary excellence, and incorporate themes of justice, hope, and renewal.” For each book purchased in the United States, SA Partners donates a book in the purchaser’s name to a school in South Africa. The OWHL’s participation means that a set of the books will be given to the library in a rural school.  The  colorful and engaging books are written in English, and will appeal to young readers both here and in South Africa.

The goals of the Masifunde Sonke book project are to:

  • Increase literacy and a joy of reading among students in rural and township public schools in South Africa
  • Foster an appreciation of South African children’s books in the United States
  • Facilitate contact and exchanges between South African and U.S. schools, educators, and learners
  • Stimulate economic development in South Africa through purchasing books directly from South African publishers

Stop by the OWHL to see our display of the books.  Check one out to read with your own children.  And when you are choosing holiday gifts, consider a purchase of one or more of these books. 


Sometimes, there is magic

It is the end of the term at the Academy, and students are having assessments all week. They are tired, anxious, and generally stressed. Sometimes the smallest of gestures can go a long way towards lifting their spirits. I observed such a gesture this morning. For the third year in a row, there was a little exam magic. When I arrived at the library at 7:00am, there was a bathtub in front of the door, filled with a selection of soda. Despite the fact that we don’t allow soda in the library, it made me smile.bathtub

Sports Nutrition book on display

Endurance Sports Nutrition

Endurance Sports Nutrition

Are you an athlete who is looking for an edge when competing? Are you a coach who is looking for ways to guide your team in eating well? Even if you are not a competitive athlete, the consumption of high-quality food is inextricably linked to success in athletic (and academic) endeavors. Eating to optimize performance is the subject of OWHL’s current book display on Sports Nutrition. Stop by and check it out!

Archivist Helps Celebrate Reading at the Pike School

Interim Academy Archivist Tim Sprattler recently traveled to the Pike School to participate in Pike’s Annual Celebration of Reading.  He chose a couple of cautionary tales to read to the fourth grade students, including Struwwelpeter,  which was translated from the German into English by Mark Twain.   All of the children enjoyed The Gashlycrumb Tinies, an alphabet book by Edward Gorey.    Tim also delighted the children with three examples of books featuring fore-edge paintings from Special Collections.