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Goodbye, Walter

Day 111: 4/21/2011

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Yesterday some of the directors of the libraries of the “Eight Schools” gathered for the bittersweet purpose of honoring the retirement of our friend and colleague Walter Demelle. When I arrived at Phillips Academy 10 years ago, Walter was the first colleague who reached out to me, welcoming me to the group. The membership in that group has changed in the last decade. This fall when we gather in Andover I will be the second-longest tenured librarian in the group. Welcome, new colleagues, and have a wonderful, wonderful retirement old friends.


Birthday Blossoms

Day 112: 4/22/2011

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Thirty years ago, I had just received my all- time best birthday present. My daughter Andy was born one day before my 31st birthday Today on my birthday I look back on half a lifetime ago, and reflect on the fact that she is now almost the age that I was when she was born, and she is on the threshold of the birth of her first child.
It was wonderful to experience the babyhood of all four of my children, but I have to say that I am truly enjoying them as adults. And so when I look at these beautiful flowers which arrived yesterday from my daughter, my friend, I am struck by the mystery and wonder that is the circle of life.