Monthly Archives: August 2006

Monday, August 7

Today for the first time the salt shaker worked.  I don’t know what it says about me that I have continued to try the salt shaker day after day with no results, but it was nice to have salt on my scrambled eggs, as I think that I am slightly dehydrated.  It would be good if the salt signified an end to the humidity that accompanies the monsoon season, but I think that it only means that new salt has been added to the shaker this morning.

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Sunday, August 6

It was exceptionally nice to have no morning plans today.  I did not request coffee service, and so had no reason to rise at any particular time.  Out of habit I waked early anyway, but I enjoyed being in the room.  I did my laundry in the sink and worked to organize the Collaboratory blog.  I met Chris in the breakfast room at 10:30 and we talked logistics.  He will be leaving tomorrow, and I needed to make sure that I understood all important details of my trip to



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Library Seminar

This Seminar was sponsored by the Aga Kahn Educational Service, Pakistan, and was held at the National Institute of Public Administration on August 5, 2006. A welcome address was provided by Ms. Sughra Choudhry Khan, Chief Executive Officer of the Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan. The keynote address: The State of Public and Private School Libraries in Pakistan – Past, Present, and Future — was provided by Dr. Syed Jalaluddin Haider. Ms. Elisabeth Tully, Director of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library at Phillips Academy, made two presentations:  "The Role of the LIbrary in a 21st Century School" and "The Instructional Program of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library"  Mr. Nooruddin Merchant and Mr. Ahmed ali Shah made a presentation on "Revisioning Libraries" describing their work with four libraries in the network.Seminargroup6 These are some of the librarians I have been  working with this week.  They volunteered to help with registration and logistics.

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Friday, August 4th

Day 5:  Librarians as Planners.
Today participants considered the need to plan and manage their materials collections, and began the process of developing long range strategic and operational plans for their libraries.  Following an overview presentation on the planning process, school based teams will develop vision statements.  The group will complete an exercise in developing a consensus mission for the libraries.  Participants will develop a timeline for implementing the planning process.

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Thursday, August 3

More rain this morning.  The roads were again flooded.  The traffic is very light in the morning, because the whole day is shifted later.  The shops don’t open until 11, and most people eat dinner at 8:30 or 9:00pm.  There was little conversation in the car on the way to the campus.  We are all tired today.  When I arrived at the AKES office to print handouts for today’s activities, it was impossible because there was no electricity.  Our dinner tonight has been cancelled because of flooded road.

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Wednesday August 2

I was able to get a stable Internet connection tonight for several hours.  That is unusual.  When I arrived at the hotel and registered for access at the business center, I chose the 24 hours (total, metered) access plan.  The prices at the business center are quite high, and the 24 hour plan was the most economical.  What I didn’t ask was “Will there be 24 hours of Internet available in the next two weeks”?

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Tuesday, August 1

Today I was awakened by the gentleman (“butler”) who delivers coffee to my room each morning.  The coffee comes with a small pitcher of hot milk, and it is a lovely way to begin the day.  But before today I have been awake for hours before the coffee arrived, so I haven’t set wake-up calls.  I am really very tired.

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