Finding Information

What information is available on the Internet? What can you get to using Google?

Beyond Google: Subscription e-resources at the OWHL


Facts (Reference Sources)

In-depth information (Resource Centers)

Getting better at Googling

  1. Know what you are looking for.  Before you sit down at your computer, spend some time with paper and pen and brainstorm a list of possible search terms association with your information need.

  2. Three tricks to improve your search results:
  • Use quotation marks to search for certain words in their exact order (for example, “Pittsburgh Penguins” or “Subaru Outback”);
  • Use a minus sign to exclude a word from a search (say, penguins -Pittsburgh, outback -Subaru); and,
  • Use the site operator to limit a search to certain credible sites—such as an educational institution or a governmental site—(for example, site:edu, site:org, or site:gov).

Excellent information on the Free Web

Collaboration Tools


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