My Family Tree

I consider myself one of the most fortunate people I know.  One significant dimension of my good fortune is that I have four adult children of whose I am very proud.  And to make a good thing even better, they have all chosen partners who are brilliant, talented, and all-around excellent people.  A case in point is my daughter-in-law Robbi, who is an extremely talented artist.  A few years back, when my grandchildren numbered about four, she gave me an extraordinary gift of a family tree.  She drew the tree, and then decorated it with the fingerprints of my children and their children.  As new grandchildren have joined the ranks, the picture has been unframed so that each new baby could have a thumbprint added to the tree.

i brought this picture with me to Indiana, and yesterday Andy and I decided that it was time for Jamie to be subjected to the indignity of the stamp pad.  It did not go entirely smoothly.  One must ink the baby’s finger and then blot it on paper before pressing the inked finger onto the tree. Jamie was initially bored, and then he decided to press his inked figure onto his forehead.  While I couldn’t photograph the actual operation of suspending the screaming inked baby carefully over the picture laid out on the table, you may assume that it was a complex and difficult operation.  Which was, ultimately, successful.

now I need just one more baby bird before my family tree can be reinstalled in its frame.



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