Training for Rain

Four years ago I rode very near to here (West LaFayette, IN) as part of the WomanTours Northern Tier Eastern ride.  Much of the country was hit by a brutal heat wave, and there were days during our ride through the midwest that the temperature was over 100 and we had to stop every ten miles or so to completely hose down our bodies.  So when I packed to visit my daughter and help with her new baby, I anticipated a typical hot Indiana summer.  Instead it has been very temperate, and very rainy.

I had a really soggy training ride today.  It took serious willpower to even go out.  But the Bon Ton Roulet is just over a week away, and so I didn’t want to give up the opportunity for a ride.  When I got home, just for fun, I checked the current weather for Cortland, NY, where the ride begins.  It looks like we might have thunderstorms for every day of the week of the ride!  So I guess this soggy training is just what I should be doing.368014_9906141_i


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