It’s official!

Today is the official first day of my retirement as Director of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library at Phillips Academy. I am retiring as the last OWHL Director, since the new director has a different, and more elaborate title involving big data.

And, in fact, my retirement began a couple of weeks ago with “terminal leave” (an upsetting term meaning that I took vacation at the end of the academic year.). Since the last official faculty meetings of the 2014-2015 academic year, I have packed my apartment, loaded a UHaul, transported an absurd amount of possessions to my house in Maryland, and unloaded and (partly) unpacked. Before I could really get settled into my new house and new life I packed a couple of suitcases and my bike and headed to Indiana, where my first daughter is due to give birth to my ninth grandchild any day now.

Given how tired she is, the pace is pretty slow here. I am helping out with laundry, dishes, cooking, and playing with my grandson Ardian. I am having a wonderful time, and can’t imagine a better way to transition to a new, slower, and richer life. My plan for retirement is the same as the plan that I have had for daily living for many years. It is just that now I actually have time to really do it. Every day I start with five goals, not in any particular order.

Having Learning as a specific goal meant that yesterday I spent time on my current UDEMY course on productivity apps, and also watched a video lecture on Advanced Serging Techniques on Craftsy. My Making goal has recently been satisfied with a variety of baking projects–including cherry muffins made from bing cherries that had gotten pushed to the back of the refrigerator and were overripe. There are many opportunities for exercise, and I have enjoyed mixing it up. Yesterday I went on a lovely 20 mile bike ride, and today I’ll do my C25K workout at a track located about a half mile from here. I began a practice of (almost) daily meditation last winter when I took a MBSR course, and am easily able to find time to practice now. To Connect might be a surprising goal to those of you who are not introverts, but for me it is a daily reminder to reach out to someone I care about. That one is ver easy to accomplish here!

My review of retirement so far is five stars.


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