Introducing ebrary!

ebraryThe OWHL is pleased to announce that we have just added 47,000 full-text electronic books to our collection. These academic titles are provided by ebrary, and are well aligned with our curriculum. Here are some reasons why we are so excited.

1. You can find these books in the OWHL catalog, or you can search the collection directly through ebrary on the A to Z list.
2. You can refine your topic by selecting any “facet” suggested for your search. You can get to these books from anywhere, at any time, even when the OWHL isn’t open.
3. The collection offers unlimited simultaneous user access—so if a whole class is interested in the same topic, the students don’t have to fight over the books.
4. You can search within each book, getting immediately to the “best parts.”
5. You can highlight text on the screen, add notes, and save all of your annotations with one click.
6. You can get help with citations for the sources you use.
7. You can use “text to speech” and have the text read to you.
8. You can find out more or take a “test drive” by stopping by the Help Desk at the OWHL.


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